Excerpt from Mr Cool’s Dream,The Complete History of The Style Council

            Desi Campbell Excerpt from the book Mr Cools Dream,
                 The Complete History of The Style Council.
     By Iian Munn

I replied to an advert in Smash Hits from Paul Weller’s label Respond Records looking for singer/songwriters to form a vocal group.I was living and working as a singer in Sheffield and sent him some of my own songs.He liked them and invited me down to London,where i met him, Mick Talbot and three other singers he had found for this group,a girl called Ebo and two guys Andrew and Terence.

After we established that we could work together Paul gave us unlimited access to his studio where we set about recording some of my songs and named the group Soul Survivours.
After a while he asked me and Terence if we’d do some backing vocals for The Style Council,which led to our performance on The Switch performing Long Hot Summer.
We recorded dozens of songs as a group most notably the tracks The More The Better, 50 Minute Hour,Don’t Mention It and Good,Bad Times.

Sadly nothing was ever released and after a while i moved on as i was offered a recording contract with Virgin.


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