Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is the band formed & fronted by Desi Campbell
Performing an eclectic mix of original & classic covers ranging from Al Jarreau,Jack Johnson,Everyday People,Toto,Bob Marley,Floy Joy,Nat King Cole, D’angelo,Robin Thicke,Barry White,Raul Midon etc….

Popularity and demand has soared in their homeland Malta, where under Desi’s guidance and leadership they continue to wow audiences with their ”never the same show twice spontaneous”approach.

The band is made up of the finest young musicians in Malta.

                                               Edward Mifsud [Piano]


Edward Mifsud, aged 22, started piano lessons at a young age with Ms. Amelia Calleja and furthered his studies later on with Mr Michael Laus at the University of Malta. As a pianist, he has achieved DipLCM and ALCM diplomas in pianoforte performance and has performed in numerous venues around the island throughout the past years, including the Manoel Theatre, the Malta Conference Centre, Palazzo De La Salle, Casino Maltese and the MITP.

Edward is also frequently involved in contemporary projects and has worked with pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz, soul and heavy metal artists. He is currently the keyboardist for local progressive metal band Twenty-Six Other-Worlds and forms part of Dorothy Bezzina’s band. Edward is also the musical director of a local youth choir, the Salesian Worship Team. Additionally, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Composition from the University of Malta and teaches piano and music theory privately.

Desi writes;

Edward is the kind of musician every band should have but not all do.He’s the chordal backbone of the band and his interpretation of whatever he plays is unique,Sometimes I just have to mute everything else whilst we’re performing as i just want to hear Ed.

His attention to detail is admirable and his touch and sensitivity mesmerising.

We met over the phone and i could tell,he was a gentleman,but couldn’t have known what a talent he was.I’m lucky to have him on board.

                      Marc Alan Spiteri Starface [Electric & Acoustic Guitars]

Marc Alan 1

Marc Alan Spiteri is a self taught multi instrumentalist who has studied music theory.He follows a degree in Computer Engineering but spends his free time trying out new ideas on his ukulele,Bass & acoustic guitars,piano,percussion, as well as singing, a talent which he has nurtured from a very early age. His genre ranges from electro-alternative rock to smooth jazz.

Desi writes;

I’d been searching for a guitarist for months.

One evening i spoke to a couple who said that their son might fit the bill, so i arranged an audition.

In swaggered this 18 year old kid,who took out his acoustic guitar,I put on a random song,he determined the key instantly and  improvised throughout and blew my mind.

I knew immediately that I’d found the right man.

In the time that I’ve been working with Marc Alan I’ve seen his confidence grow,his backing vocal harmonies and general musicianship are now integral to the bands shows,and he’s also perfected that swagger

I feel lucky to have such a talented side kick to bounce off and at such a tender age,this guy is already awesome,so in years to come will no doubt become a phenominal master of his craft.

                             Jean Luc Camilerri [Drums & Percussion]

Jean Luc

Jean-Luc began his interest in music at the age of 7, where he started attending theory lessons at the Johann Strauss School of Music. At age 9 he started learning guitar and drums, but later dropped guitar to focus on drums and percussion. Between the age of 11 and 16 he has been involved in various projects such as the Johann Strauss School of Music Brass Ensemble and bands at the St Aloysius Secondary School. But it was not until he went to St Aloysius Sixth Form that his interest in drums expanded further and he was finding himself in various projects. He played in events such as the S.A.C. Soiree, S.A.C Fest, and also started to play in his band Sugar Rush. From the S.A.C Soiree his most famous item is Tisbit, which he directed alongside Robert Spiteri (Big Band Brothers) and Jurgen Seychell and has made public appearances such as the President’s award annual ceremony and a flash mob organized by Ziguzajg. From then onwards he has been involved in new bands/projects such as Jack’s Fusion, Life, and The Counter Balance Project, Radioactive and Chris’ Mum and recording for other artists as well.

Desi writes;

Every band knows that your drummer has to be funky, Damn…this boy’s funky.

Be it Percussion,Drums,Cajon or his various selection of toys and tricks Jean Luc is rock steady,you can just feel his warmth and charm radiating as soon as he enters the room.

I love to see a musician wearing a smile on their face,he’s just in the zone of rhythm….Mr rhythm.

                                            Aaron Dimech [Bass Guitar]


Aaron comes from a rich musical heritage.At the age of 8 he took an interest in the guitar but dropped the instrument after a month. However at the age of 17 the calling was re ignited and he decided to try the guitar again, this time he continued playing and evolving. Two years later he then furthered his interests and picked up the Bass guitar and has been perfecting that particular instrument ever since. Aaron is self taught and his unique style has seen his involvement in various projects such as: “Elements, 201 File, Anon, Gaetano Kanta and S.A.C Fest. Within these productive times his involvement continues in bands such as Sugar Rush, Life, Counterbalance (Evolved to be the Counterbalance Project), Lyndsay and the latest, For Strings Inn, and Salesian Worship Team (Church Choir), also he records and performs for many other artists.

Desi writes;

Aaron is my technical wizard.As well as being a talented Bassist/Guitarist he’s also a live sound technician,and so hears things others don’t thus giving the band those miniscule tweaks that make all the difference to the overall sound of a live band.

If there’s a guitar around you can guarantee Aaron is going to pick it up and start playing it,that’s the musical heritage coming through.A completely natural and gifted musician.

With the addition of Clive Micallef[Saxophone & Percussion] & Ylenia Vella on vocals the band is now a 7 piece unit.

I am also pleased to introduce the multi talented UK DJ,Ashley Kind into the fold for the full ”Brown Sugar” live band/DJ fusion experience.




   Brown Sugar are available for private & corporate functions

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